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Pioneers in Automotive Innovation

The automotive market is transforming with increasing speed, from a product to a service market. When we talk about the automotive industry today, we are talking about a digital mobility industry. In our company history, we recognized this early on and worked on products that the industry could not imagine would ever become a reality. The transition of this billion-dollar market is unstoppable, and we are accompanying it with innovative services, products, and business models!

„"You don't really believe that one day there will be computers in cars?" - Yes, we did believe in it!

Unsere Story

  • 2007
    BMW Personal Radio
  • 2008
    BMW eCall
  • 2011
    IBM Connected Car
  • 2013
    IBM Cloud based Navigation
  • 2016
    Volkswagen AG Transformation of leading mobility providers
  • 2016
    VOLKSWAGEN / Stadt Hamburg Mobility Partnership
  • 2018
    VOLKSWAGEN Digital Gold Project
  • 2019
    GRNY The next mobility revolution?

For this reason, we already made a great vision tangible for the first time over 12 years ago in cooperation with BMW: bringing the Internet into the car. The idea of personal radio, a computer-supported, personalized radio system, was not only to increase comfort and safety significantly - it was also to introduce an entirely new era.

This led to such groundbreaking products, e.g., the eCall - a fully automatic accident emergency call system. Since the presentation of this vision at the IAA, more than ten years ago, numerous lives have been saved with this system's help. Since mid-2018, eCall has even become mandatory for every new car in Europe. We are very proud - to have participated in such projects.

However, linking the Internet to the car was only the first step for us, which immediately led to the next questions: "What happens if we connect the vehicles via the Internet to servers with unlimited computing power?

The idea for the Smart Car Connector was born. With IBM at our side, we turned this vision into reality and only a short time later presented the first "intelligent cloud-based navigation system" at CES in Las Vegas. As the first automotive use case at a consumer electronics show ever!

But no reason for us to rest. It was clear to us that the desire to own a car is being increasingly replaced by a new need for mobility with Generation Y. That's why we also supported the Volkswagen Group in transforming itself from one of the world's leading automobile manufacturers to the leading mobility provider. Together we also paved the way for the Group's new mobility brand: MOIA.

Last but not least, we supported the city of Hamburg and the Volkswagen Group in making "autonomous driving" a reality on German roads.

And our story does not end here. We are currently using our knowledge and experience to develop a concept that will (hopefully) once again disrupt the future of mobility.



We see ourselves as a speedboat and secret weapon in the fight for the top positions in new markets.

The Grny InnoBox


We hand-pick our customers. This is not arrogance - this is efficiency. In order to create extraordinary innovations, the topic "cultural fit" is crucial to us.

The perfect preparation for a joint innovation project with us is our Innobox. The tool par excellence - so that innovation gets on the road successfully.

Send us your request - if your preliminary work is on the level we need and you really want to make a difference together with us, we will be happy to enter into a more intensive exchange.

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